Welcome to our dedicated Coronavirus page. This is your ‘one stop shop’ to find everything about the Academy’s response and support during the pandemic, from remote learning advice, to free school meals and wellbeing. Please use the contact details below if you can’t find the answers you need here.

Paul Spyropoulos, Principal.

Remote Learning During Lockdown

Remote Learning at Wixams Academy

During lockdown we are pleased to be able to deliver a full remote timetable of lessons for your child via Microsoft Teams. This app has already been installed on all Academy devices and can be accessed via the internet browser for those without the app. This means that as long as they are well, your child should attend their full timetable following the timings of the normal school day (see below).

Remote learning timetable

Books were sent home at the beginning of the lockdown and all lesson materials will be posted on Show My Homework in order to support students. We do not expect families to print resources.

The teacher will stream the lesson from their home/the Academy, ensuring a professional background is used. Lessons will take different formats, with the majority being taught lessons, some being a task set and the teacher staying online to support and some having a pre-recorded video to watch following the live start to the lesson. Staff will register all lessons, so please ensure that  your child arrives on time.

Lessons will be approximately 45 mins long to ensure that everyone gets a break from the screen in between classes.

You can support your child by ensuring that they have access to a space to work and appropriate stationery/paper. Do ask them about their learning and encourage them to share their day with you.

Each day will end with a tutor session, and this will contain a combination of literacy/numeracy/current affairs tasks as well as a heavy emphasis on well-being tasks to support your child’s mental health.

Our usual Feedback policy will be implemented during lockdown, and your child will engage in regular guided self & peer assessment. This will be enhanced by regular verbal feedback from staff and their termly PIN comment. Please ensure that all work submitted to staff can be easily read, as photographs taken from a distance can be difficult to assess.

The Academy rewards system will continue to run during lockdown with staff allocating House Points (HPs) for excellent work and excellent effort. We will also continue to recognise students who demonstrate our Academy values at this difficult time.

Celebrating Our Community

Siella Newton – continued work with Anne Frank and the Government.

Siella Newton, Year 8, has been chosen by the Anne Frank Trust to be directly involved in ongoing discussions with the UK Government. Siella met remotely with the Commission for Race and Ethnic Disparities, which was established in the summer of 2020. The Commission has been set up to hear from young people and to get their views on racism, prejudice and discrimination and what the Government could be doing about such issues.  The first meeting took place on Friday 29th January.

This meeting with the Commission is exclusively for young people associated with The Anne Frank Trust with no more than 10 young people in attendance. The Anne Frank Trust felt that Siella would make an excellent contribution to this consultation group particularly as she wrote such a great poem for the National Creative Writing Awards and spoke so brilliantly about the Awards on Newsround. We are very proud that Siella was selected and know she will make a fantastic contribution.

Student Wellbeing

Signposting support services.

We strongly encourage all students to always talk to us if they are not feeling ok throughout this period of remote learning. We can offer direct guidance and support. Form tutors, heads of year or members of the leadership team are all in a position to help. Counselling and therapeutic services are continuing with our external partners throughout this period of remote learning.

In addition to this in-house support, we would also highly recommend, a free online resource where young people can access immediate support, counselling, advice and guidance.

Afternoon Registration – wellbeing themes and guidance.

Students have a daily point of contact with their respective form tutors every afternoon. We feel that this a great opportunity to share some good advice and wellbeing ideas that we hope students will consider and use as we continue to work remotely. Recent themes and ideas have included how to stay mentally and emotionally well, coping with change strategies, encouraging physical activity such as walking, staying connected with others and renewing relationships plus a series of activities that we hope encouraged an appreciation for the natural world. Our theme for this week has switched to celebrating ‘The Arts’.

This timetabled session is also used for both whole school and Head of Year assemblies, both of which are important ways for us to share messages and maintain a degree of continuity through these challenging times.

Technical Support

The following content should help direct any technical and/or subject specific support queries.

There is comprehensive technical guidance and support on our website and a specific helpline e-mail address for any further IT issues or questions:

Remote learning information & support

Keyworker Places

Letter about Booking Academy spaces for 5-8 January 2021 and Starting dates for all students

Parent Booking System for Critical worker and Vulnerable Children Spaces

Free School Meals Vouchers
Free School Meal Vouchers – Letter to parents – Feb 2020

Academy Contact Details

For any subject specific queries, we request that families please direct these to the relevant subject teacher or the Head of Faculty. They are best placed to deal with subject specific queries;

Heads of Faculty.

English – Mrs Hill

Maths – Mr White

Science – Mr Downes

Creative Arts (Art, Food Tech and DT) – Mrs Smith

Performing Arts (PE, Dance and Drama) – Mr Dummett

Languages – Mrs Connelly

Business and ICT – Mrs Akhtar

Humanities – Miss Miles

Heads of Year, Mr O’Rourke and the wider pastoral and SEND teams are always available for any other questions. Please do continue to communicate with us as we successfully work through this period of remote learning together.

Head of Year 7 – Miss Stacey

Head of Year 8 – Miss Stack

Head of Year 9 – Mrs Mountain

Head of Year 10 – Mrs Maddox

Assistant Principal (Wellbeing and Pastoral Care) – Mr O’Rourke

SENDCO – Mrs Bonforte

Key Academy Documents