At Wixams, we are striving to ensure every student has access to high quality remote learning.

We appreciate that technology can sometimes cause issues so we have compiled an overview of what we feel are the most frequently requested pieces of guidance for you to refer to if necessary.

Here are a few tips to help you successfully overcome some of the most commonly reported issues on Microsoft teams. There is also lots of helpful advice online.

Can’t hear others on Teams? If you can’t hear others in Teams, make sure the correct speakers are selected in the audio settings. In the Microsoft teams client, select your icon located in the top right. Then select Settings (cogwheel). … Click the drop down menu under “Speaker” and select your active speakers/headphones.

App or Webpage?: Many smart phones and tablets work better using the Microsoft teams app which is available in the app store / play store. Once downloaded you can put in your school email address and password and off you go.

The webpage browser works well if the app is not available. You can use this via google chrome / internet explorer.

Internet Connection: If you are experiencing a lag / delay then it can be to do with the internet connection. Close down other apps / browsers using the internet such as games consoles and TV. You can connect via an Ethernet cable too if this is an option on your device.

Finding your tiles: Each tile is labelled with your class. For example 7H/En would be 7H English class. On a laptop / computer the tiles can be found by pressing the teams button on the left hand side and then if you still can’t see them press the ‘your teams’ section so the arrow is pointing down. This should reveal your tiles. Once on a tile you should be able to see conversations with staff and students and a join button for the live class.

On a mobile / tablet device. At the bottom right press the ‘more’ button, then press teams. This should bring up a list of your teams tiles. Again find the correct tile for your lesson in line with your timetable. Click ‘general’ and again you should see conversations between staff and students by scrolling as well as a join button.

No Join Button/frozen screen: Sometimes as with all technology things crash or freeze. Make sure your device has run all of its usual updates and that the apps have updated also. Turn off and sign out of teams and sign back in again and this usually helps it refresh and get back to normal. Not having a join button can also mean that the lesson has not yet been started by the teacher. Please check your timetable and what time the lesson should be starting and be patient.

Any further technical support that is not covered in this guidance or the attached documents, can be requested by messaging the following e-mail address

Further Guidance Documents