From the New Year please be aware that we will be changing our till/debt procedure.

Currently, if your child doesn’t have enough money on their account to pay for their food the sale is entered into a debt file and the money is then taken from the account when funds are available. We are aware that this isn’t an ideal system as you may not always be aware that your child owes any money.

By the 24th of December, all balances will be updated on the system to show any current debts. This will be shown as a minus figure and work as an overdraft on your child’s account. All transactions will be visible so you will be able to see exactly what your child is purchasing. We will never refuse a child a meal at lunchtimes but if we are aware of a large debt we will refuse to serve drinks, snacks or food at break. Please note we will also refuse service at break and at the snack trolley at lunch, if your child doesn’t have their card with them at the time.

If you have any queries regarding your balance please email

Student Dining

Student Dining as of 4th May 2021

Free School Meals

Please follow the link below for eligibility and out how to apply for free school meals:

Bedford College Services

Catering at Wixams Academy is provided by Bedford College Services.

Please follow the link below to find out more:


Please see below Menus.  Please note that the Menus are on a 3 week rollover and the dates that apply to the meals are printed at the top of the page.

Please ensure you have ordered your child’s school dinner by midnight on 1st September at the latest. This includes children who are eligible for Free School Meals also.

Summer 2022 – Week 1
Summer 2022 – Week 2
Summer 2022 – Week 3

Gluten free and dairy free options are also available.

Cashless Catering

Wixams Academy uses +Pay on ParentMail – an online payment service which allows you to pay for school dinners quickly and easily on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You must be registered with ParentMail before this date in order to pay for school dinners.

You will be able to top up your child’s dinner money account electronically, using credit or debit cards and will receive automatic reminders when your balance is running low. Your bank statement will display either the school name or ParentMail, depending on your payment method.

If you have an Android or Apple smartphone, we would highly recommend you download the free ParentMail App so that you can make easy, online payments on the go. To do this, simply search for “ParentMail” in your App store.

We are a cashless environment and no money can be accepted at the till. Please note, in order for your child to make purchases, there must be enough money in your +Pay account to cover the cost. Credit will not be given under any circumstances.

If you have insufficient funds in your account, or would prefer not to use this online payment service, then please provide your child with a packed lunch and snacks/drinks.

If your child is eligible for free school meals, the cost of their main meal will be covered. However, should they wish to buy any additional snacks or drinks, sufficient money must be in your +Pay account.

All children will be issued with a photocard which they will need to present at the till when making purchases.