We believe that assessment is a vital part of the learning process. Assessment is a diagnostic, formative and summative process. It provides a snapshot of a student’s attainment and provides information to help the teacher plan the next stage of an individual’s or group’s learning and to further develop the work of the student. It should also inform the student of their current position and how to reach the next stage. It should engage the student in the process of their learning.

Assessment, Recording & Reporting Policy

Easter 2024 revision

GCSE revision sessions to help prepare for summer exams.

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Key Stage 4 (Year 11) 2022

Assessment booklets

Student Feedback and Assessment Key Stage 3

Student Feedback and Assessment Key Stage 4

Interpreting reports for parents 2023

Post Results Services

Review of marking categories

GCSE Collection of Exam Certificates 2022

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GCSE Exam Handbook

Summer 2023 Exam Timetable

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