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Miss V Little

Miss V Little

Media Studies is an engaging and developing subject which tackles and explores an ever evolving subject matter.

Within our courses we offer a unique insight into the wider media landscape, with Key Stage 4 delving into a diverse range of platforms and subject areas.

Media Studies Curriculum Intent

We intend to deliver a Media Studies curriculum that enables all students to make excellent progress across three years of study, leading to excellent outcomes, supporting a variety of further education options. Our curriculum will be a “joined-up” approach to Media Studies, emphasising the connections between topics (namely via the use of the theoretical framework to analyse different media forms and products), which encourages students to explore those links and enjoy the discovery of new ideas and their real life applications. The teaching of Media Studies will relate to the media world around them and current affairs. They will be expected to study a broad selection of media products and to apply the theoretical framework to each of these appropriately.

Key Features

Students will follow the OCR 9-1 specification and are assessed via two, 1.5 hour written exams at the end of year 11 as well as one internally assessed ‘Create your own media project’.

There are nine media forms that will be studied:

1. Television (Set products: Cuffs, Series 1, Episode 1, BBC 1. Avengers, Series 4, Episode 1, ITV)

2. Film (Set products: The Lego Movie Film)

3. Video Games (Set products: The Lego Movie video game)

4. Advertising and Marketing (Set products: The Lego Movie poster campaign and UK TV trailer)

5. Magazine (Set products: MOJO magazine)

6. Music Video (Set products: Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk, Beyonce – If I were a boy)

7. Radio (Set products: Live Lounge BBC Radio 1)

8. Online News (Set products: Observer/ Guardian website and social media)

9. Newspaper (Set products: Observer – multiple)

The focus of the course is to be able to deconstruct and analyse the above nine media forms using:

The theoretical framework: Media Language, Representation, Media industries and Media Audiences

Contexts: Changes in gender role, changing attitudes to sexualities, multiculturalism, celebrity culture, consumerism

Extra Opportunities

Exam and Coursework Interventions

Media Studies 3 Year Curriculum

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