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Where words fail, music speaks.

Music Curriculum Intent

Wixams Academy will provide experiences, both within curricular and extra-curricular time where students will be encouraged to grow in confidence as musicians, music makers and creators. The curriculum will aim to put performance, creativity and excellence at the heart of the pupils’ experiences; it is our aim that the enthusiasm cultivated in our engaging and practical curriculum lessons will lead to students becoming inquisitive about musical styles less familiar to them. They will learn about the great composers and an array of genres, styles and traditions involving music in the Western world and other cultures too. We will ensure that the performance element of the course is fully inclusive towards stretching our most able students as well as providing structure and accessibility to our less able students to raise their self-esteem and ensure enjoyment. Students will specialise in a musical instrument of their choice in KS3. Opportunities provided in the Academy’s already strongly established extra-curricular music sessions throughout the year will play a central role in harnessing this overarching aim. 

Key Features

We want to create:

Extra Opportunities

Over the course of the year, we offer a range of music clubs:

Music 5 Year Curriculum

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