PSHCE and Personal Development – Meet the team


Curriculum Intent

PSHE and Personal Development at Wixams Academy is dedicated time for students to develop knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves safe, healthy and prepared for the wider world. Our vision as a department is to equip students with an understanding of different life experiences so students are able to become global citizens whilst also ensuring they are able to make decisions and understand risks. All the different units have an overarching theme, which enables students to build on their prior knowledge and to ask questions. They have a learning agreement which all students agree to which is to help students respect and listen to all. Students are also encouraged to speak to a trusted adult when things feel challenging.

The curriculum is delivered through dedicated lesson time. In years 7-8 this is done through 1 lesson a week which is pure PSHCE; In years 9-11 it is done through a lesson called Personal Development where students get an hour of PSHCE and RE.

Key Features

The PSHCE lessons are delivered in three different themes of:

Relationships – This theme looks at how we gain and maintain healthy relationships in life. It teaches not only about romantic relationships but other kinds as well with the addition of looking at diversity and discrimination.

Health – This is all around how to keep healthy which includes first aid, mental health and contraception.

Learning in the wider world – This includes financial education, citizenship and careers.

In years 9-11 students will also look at RE. Topics include human rights, medical ethics and different religions.

PSHE Five Year Plan

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